The World Peacekeepers Movement

The World Peacekeepers Movement (TWPM) is a movement based on the enlightening concept of The World Peace Triangle – Peace with Oneself, Peace with People & Peace with Nations – Representing Intellectual Depth, Emotional Appeal & Practical Realism. It starts with The 7 Peace Values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience and Truth. It signifies the world’s mass grass roots movement of peace through rhe creation of The World’s Largest Army – The World Peace Army. With over 2 million Peacekeepers, The World Peace Army is the world’s 2nd largest army.

World Peace Triangle

Peace Cafee

The Peace Mission Pvt Ltd is an organization started with the aim of spreading peace thvough various initiatives like Peace Chocs – Chocolates, Spreading Peace and Peace Cafee – India’s first cafee which aims to provide its patrons with a unique and pure Experience of Love, Peace and Joy. Peace Cafee, with its unique concepts like Peace Menu, Peace Friendship Table, Peace Hugs, Peace Laughter and Peace Gifts, aims to bring people together and spread the message of peace. These Peace Concepts are centred on simple but important Values, Emotions and Peace Gestures such as Thank You, Forgiveness, Love, Joy, Positivity, Friendship etc. – gestures that can provide comfort in distressing times and which need to be imbibed in our daily lives.