Death is certain. No human being has escaped his physical death. So a wise man looks at the future & prepares for it. Because we are in the dark as to what will happen after death, we have to be satisfied with religious theories. The theory you follow depends on your faith. Many don’t even believe in any or follow any.

Death is the curtain between life & the hereafter. The truth is the hereafter can only be seen when the curtain is removed, when you actually die. Hence, since the hereafter is unknown, we have fear to go to a new place unknown. The fear is natural.

To reduce fear of death, the following guidelines maybe helpful :

* think of your death often, many times a day

* practise human values

* be kind

* help others

* destroy pride

* don’t join the rat race of money, power, & fame

* be thankful for the blessings of God

The most fearless people are those who have minimised their fear of death. When you reduce your attachments, you are more willing to let go. We don’t need to sacrifice the joys of life, but only change the lens by which we view them. The lens of temporariness. Life is fun, but life holds no value & is meaningless in terms of clinging onto it.

You have to die alone !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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