The rich live in luxury. Hence, they are faced with deeper spiritual questions regarding the meaning of life. The questions often hit them hard because wealth cannot give the answer. Due to this many rich people are highly creative in their spiritual answers. They don’t necessarily follow normal religious dogma because it does not appeal to their common sense. They rise above superstitions to create a spirituality which appeals to their conscience. The rich are more spiritual.

The poor masses are burdened with the needs of daily life. They have to fight for their survival due to their low material possessions, & earnings. This does not give them time to search spiritually deeper. They follow basic religious rules with the hope, & promise of a better life, & delivery of their soul in the next life. Their material poverty leaves them little time to question religious dogma. Most simply just follow. Religion is the opium of the masses. The poor are more religious.

The rich are more spiritual, the poor more religious !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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