There can be only 1 leader. This ensures clear decision making. There is only 1 person people look upto for inspiration. The power of 1.

Everything originates from 1. 1 is the starting point. If there is no start, no creation, then there is nothing. The power of 1.

1 signifies originality. The original thing is only in unity, not duplicity or multiplicity. The power of 1.

We have only 1 heart. In this 1 single heart fits all types of affection. If there were many hearts, we would need to divide where the affection would go. In 1 heart it is clear, it all comes to you. The power of 1.

The universe originates from a single power whatever name you give it. This single power delegates it’s power to other sub-powers. The power of 1.

– Sir Dr. Huz

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