The thing which brings terror to you is called terrorism. Violence is a sure form to terrify you. Everyone fears cold blooded murder, and slaughter. Unfortunately, terrorism exists even today in the modern world with so many great laws. Because terrorists have been brain washed to give up their lives for a cause of so-called truth. In such an extremity, laws hold no meaning.

A terrorist gets born in his own heart. He cannot be naturally created by external forces. The brain washing of a terrorist requires his own heart to open up to the gullible nonsense it is being fed with.

A terrorist exhibits the following 7 qualities :
* he is anti-social
* he has clear views on black, and white, and right or wrong
* his levels of tolerance to others is very low
* he maybe poor, hence seeking social acceptance in the terrorist group
* he is mostly poor, hence has nothing to lose
* he has a very small heart, and only accepts his belief to be right
* he is willing to use force to terrorise others to show the so-called righteousness of his belief

Terrorism starts in the heart. When you see any of these 7 signs growing in you, you need to reflect, relax, refresh, and refocus yourself. Love is the highest purpose of creation. Terrorism is to destroy God’s purpose for you. Destroy terrorism in your heart, before it destroys you.

– Sir Dr. Huz

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