What exactly do we mean by energy when we talk of it in terms of human characteristics ? Energy is the presence of a peaceful mind which allows an individual to focus & concentrate on the present & do justice to it.

A man’s aura & charisma is often reflected in his energy. It could assume an active shape or it maybe passive.

A man with high energy exhibits certain traits. Generally, such people are perfectionists. It also means besides demanding excellence from others, they too strive for the same. Such people are trustworthy & keep their word. They use their high energy levels to care for others.

A person of low energy is the opposite. His mind is too tense with his own problems to think of others. Hence, he remains within himself & exhibits traits of selfishness. Also, the tension he lives in does not allow him to keep up to good values.

People with high energy generally have good values & vice versa !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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