A state of calm,
As mentioned in David’s Psalm.
A sure catalyst for material progress,
With violence and terrorism, civilisation
does regress.
When justice joins hands with mercy,
Peace flowers in the heart, not just some
Desires in you create a flurry,
To acquire wealth you are in a hurry,
You deserve peace, not some selfinflicted
Make truth your passion,
Let your blood flow with compassion,
Make peace your life’s mission.
Give to the beggar, wretched and
wayfarer a loaf of bread,
Don’t ever let them feel their painful
When you shower on others peace,
You earn through His Justice a piece of
A little smile, a little love,
Give to others your joy.
Like the flight of the white dove,
Earn your peace, like a habit of a playful toy.
Be fair to all,
Speak the truth even if it makes you fall.
For if you wish to answer peace’s call,
You must be ready to sacrifice, stand tall.
Through our career we make a living,
But a life is made out of “giving”.
Know this, O those thirsty for peace,
Honey is made by the “giving” of bees.
Peace is destroyed by lust,
Have you forgotten you will be ground to dust?
For the next life, make your preparations,
For peace you have to carry those provisions.
The clergy say to all – “Peace be on you”
Then why is it in the domain of a few?
Blame is not on the honest clergy word,
Blame lies on your material mentality herd.
When you blame those who wreak violence and destroy peace,
Why do you so easily overlook those who destroy your mental
Indeed, mental peace is destroyed subtly,
It is a disease in today’s world, densely.
There is really nothing much to fight over,
Only if we knew how to remove our pride’s cover,
And embrace God as our lover.
Man wishes to build for his personal glory a mighty tower,
He wishes to increase his relevance and power,
But O man! Look not at any tower,
Look not at any power,
But instead look at life as a fragrant flower,
And bathe yourself clean with love and peace’s shower.

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