This world unfortunately is filled with religious intolerance, & hatred. Few people don’t judge based on religion, but most of us do.

The greatest fights, riots, & wars in the world are religious wars. Narrow minded bigotry trying to prove superiority of their religion ends up in debasing, abusing, & insulting other religions. This leads to religious fights.

A religion cannot make you superior. Our creator is the same, but our Gods are different – what a paradox !

For example, some people born in religion X, spat venom during their lives on religion Y & vice-versa. Now, let us imagine they take rebirth after they die in the same religion which they had abused in their earlier life. What a funny situation it would be ! How guilty this person would feel had he recollected his earlier life ! My friends, you may well take rebirth in another religion. Adopt humanity as your religion. Then, the religion of your rebirth becomes irrelevant.

Make the religion of your rebirth irrelevant !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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