Wisdom is the highest form of knowledge, both theoretical & existential. Men of wealth, & power are talked during their lives. But men of wisdom are alive in the hearts of men for 1000’s of years.

If a book of wisdom had to be written, one would imagine that it would run into 1000’s of pages. After all to adequately explain & describe the highest forms of knowledge does take a lot of pages.

However, in reality, the book of wisdom would have only 1 chapter. It is called “LOVE”. Love is the sum total of all wisdom. Nothing is deeper, simpler, & more accurate than the power of love to be the only explanation of wisdom.


Love in the most concise form has 7 meanings :

* to care

* to help

* to share in joy, pain

* to speak the truth

* to value oneself

* positivity

* no ego

This is the chapter in the book of wisdom. The one who lives by this has elevated his spirituality towards sainthood.

Love is the only chapter in the book of wisdom !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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