If you are a man of knowledge, you will have many friends,
If you are a man of wealth, you will be susceptible to your enemies trends.
None can steal your knowledge,
Wealth has been the target of many a pilferage.
I have established the virtues of knowledge over wealth,
So let your mind understand this and your heart truly felt.
Knowledge gets perfected only through action,
Without this knowledge is reduced to a fraction.
Knowledge departs when not put into action,
Why should for your action there be any distraction?
With patience let your knowledge blend,
An ear to the oppressed you must lend.
Knowledge is a light which God shines in the heart,
It cannot be acquired through any lazy art.
Your will to know must forever expand,
Since the containers of knowledge can forever expand.
Knowledge is only superficial if it is only heard or read,
It must be absorbed in the heart and inculcated in the head.
He was called a man of learning, he had read the books, but his speech
was so full of airs,
His knowledge became a curse, God frowned at him with angry stares.
Knowledge in the hearts of many has reached,
Surely your living example is the best way it can be preached.
There are branches of black knowledge dressed in the robes of purity,
Destroying the intellect of vision’s clarity.
Hence, the world always needs a wise teacher,
God has never left it without this preacher.
Your mind needs knowledge fresh,
Your culture needs manner’s fine dress.
Thus we say – the beauty of knowledge lies in the refinement of human
It has no place in the life of those who constantly others hearts puncture.
Knowledge is the life of the intellect,
Perceptiveness requires wisdom’s collect.
Experience is knowledge gained,
Through them the lessons may be pained.
It is by the wisdom that you say,
That people will with their heart obey.
After death, by your knowledge people will you remember,
Indeed you are potentially a worthy intelligentsia’s member.
The knowing of man of his humaneness is wisdom,
To know this is a mighty task in God’s Kingdom.
Knowledge must make you visualise the truths and realities,
Verily, you must view your life through the prism of the world’s frailties.
Travel far and wide for knowledge to seek,
This is not an ordinary chore for a mind quite meek.
When the seeking of truth overpowers the slavery to desires,
A man’s intellect glows with wisdom’s pleasures.
Know this O man! That God has granted you an intellect with a wish,
That there is more to learn in life than to swim like a purposeless fish.

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