Often no one asks the bread winner as to how the bread has been earned. The others have not earned it so they in a way lose the authority to question the person earning the bread & keeping the house running.

To many people only money matters. It does not matter if it is done legally or not. It is irrelevant if it is done in the right manner or a criminal manner. The greed for money to them overpowers any moral or ethical guidelines. The colour of money becomes null & void. This is generally the way of the world, where the end justifies the means.

Sometimes we may ask a very poor, starving family to not rob someone & fill their hungry stomachs. What about the young children in the house ? Who will feed their hungry stomachs ? If the poor father pick pockets a rich man, what would your moral judgement be ? Maybe the last para written below would be his answer.

If the cow gives milk, why ask if she is white or black ?

– Sir Dr. Huz

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