Humility is the best dress,
Why do you wish your ego to caress?
In submission we bow,
Our position before God is low.
No use is that pride,
Where I earn God’s Displeasure in every stride.
From my past I have learnt and cried,
How I have about my over-exaggerated strengths lied!
Humility is the best dress,
Whom do you wish with your arrogance to press?
From now, a life of humble gratitude I wish to live,
To the Lord, service and sacrifice I wish to give.
The king rose from his chair,
To his courtiers he gave a haughty stare.
I say to him – “A life without care,
To the soul is totally unfair”.
Humility is the best dress,
This is a point which must be made with deep vocal stress.

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