Its lust is an intoxication,
To dust to ground is its intention.
The world and its people look at you with adoration,
In their desires they see in you a material beautification.
The wise recognise this shortness of vision,
Attaining you is a useless mission.
In reality, your wealth itself is to you a loan.
For it belongs to God, not your own.
With charity its lustre on your soul will shone,
These are seeds which bear fruit in the hereafter, must be sown.
What God has granted is not your possession,
A servant can never be an owner, not even with a concession.
You seek people towards your wealth attract,
But a warm welcome and a cheerful face is greater than
all the wealth you have stacked.
You are dressed in the garment of beauty,
Making your seeking, an obligatory duty.
For your embrace, men have destroyed their principles,
Indeed the devil has used you to destroy scruples.
In this world you promise much,
In the next, you will leave us in the lurch.
When the greed for you gets intensified,
Still, the thirst for you can never be satisfied.
The love for wealth is to be shunned,
Its desire to be gunned.
You pile silver and gold,
Can you for your reward in the hereafter exchange them or sold?
You are for humanity a temptation,
For me a worthless attention.
In your acquisition lies tension,
Indeed, you have destroyed man’s spiritual inclination.
To the grave you will come not,
Your permanency is truly zero and naught.
O Wealth! Don’t fool the world by promising peace,
In ignorance of you lies peace and the soul truly frees.
O Friend! Hear these words instructive :
“Wealth’s appearance outside is attractive,
Its love is destructive.”

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