Moderation is the ideal. Anything extreme is bad. Love is positive, & uplifting. But even love in its extreme form is destructive. Extreme love is called obsession.

There are 7 signs of obsession at a personal level :

* continuous thoughts of only that 1 person

* inability to focus on normal life & give love to others

* awaiting anxiously any message or call from that person & continuously messaging or calling that person

* deep desire to meet that person everyday, all the time

* tracking all activities of that person & extreme sensitivity to everything the person says or does

* deep insecurity at losing the person

* lack of faith in the person leading to need for control

Obsession is a killer. It destroys all healthy relationships as it suffocates the other person. There is no love in obsession. It’s end result is to wrangle the person with total control. The pangs of insecurity kill an obsessed person. He can’t focus on his daily life. He loses joy in living.

The way to overcome obsession is simple. Be prepared to lose your beloved. Start focussing on others. Be more balanced. Value other relationships.

Extreme love is called obsession, it kills !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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