Sometimes when things are not going your way, you needsomething new. New what ? Yes, a new mindset is probably the best thing.

We have to look at things a bit differently. A differentangle gives us a new vision.

At times we need to do some major adjustment. Like changingour values.

At other times a minor shift is needed. Slight changes inour behavior and reactions maybe needed.

A new mindset can happen only if we accept that we haveweaknesses which need to be worked on. We need to be humble to be willing tochange. Not proud and rigid.

A new mindset ensures we evolve rapidly as humans and moldourselves to the finer points in human culture.

When things are not going well, and you are feeling down,introspect a little, be humble to recognize the need to change, seek positiveadvice from the right people, and then the rest of the magic will be done by”a new mindset”.

– Sir Dr. Huz

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