The Meaning Of A New Year


A New Year has different meanings for different people. It's an occasion of joy, celebration, and reflection. It gives us hope for the future as well as nervousness.

There can be 7 possible meanings of a new year :

  • I am 1 year older -  so I have 1 year less to live. And 1 year less to give. So, give more.
  • Did I bring a smile ? - this question matters more than material gains.
  • The old values I cherish -  it's time to reaffirm and continue.
  • Some new experiences -  try something new, you will learn from it.
  • How am I feeling ? - assess how you are feeling about yourself, you need to feel good about your goodness, have faith in yourself, be positive.
  • My fears - think over your fears, are you clinging too much to those things ? Attachments cause fears.
  • Having fun - life is a celebration, am I enjoying the present moment ?

We continuously reassess ourselves on these 7 points. A new year amplifies this internal reflection. We reflect to grow. To grow our humanity. As a living being, humanity is our core. We need to feel how much we are connecting to our core. This connection is our wholesomeness. A feeling of a whole within ourselves.

- Sir Dr. Huz